E-mail Crystal-Lee @ or message her at Listen To Your Art on Facebook to plan your party. You may bring your own food and beverages.  An average party runs about 2 hrs, depending on the projects your guests choose. 

Min. 6 Guests - Max. Guests 20 (For Stencil Signs) or Max Guests 12 (For 3D Door Hangers)

10 or More Guests- Host's Sign is Free (Up to $50)

  1. Choose a Date and Time.
  2. Decide between Stencil Signs or 3D Door Hangers.  
  3. Choose a Theme (Family, Friendship, Spring, Christmas, Dogs, Etc.).
  4. Create a Facebook Event to invite friends or provide an email list of your guests.
  5. Guests will choose a Stencil Sign or 3D Door Hanger from the selection Crystal-Lee provides. However, custom orders are always welcome. 
  6. Guests will choose sign shape, size, and finish color (for stencil signs only)

* * If you are unable to attend your event, your sign will be sent home with your host for you to finish at your leisure.  There are no refunds due to the nature of the sign preparation.